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Bringing Your Night Out In: Valentine's Day During COVID

It's almost Valentine's Day. For some couples, it's just another day but for other couples, it's a day they plan for all year. With restaurants not operating at full capacity and many of us still wary of spending time in public, Valentine's Day, like so many other holidays will look different this year. But that doesn't mean you and your significant other can't still enjoy the day together. With a little planning, you can bring the big night out to your own home.

Even if you've got children, you can still enjoy some alone time. You can have a fun Valentine's celebration with your kids, then send them off to watch a movie or go to bed. You can spend the rest of the evening with your partner, enjoying a movie, dessert, or whatever the two of you like doing together.

If you are looking for some fun ways to keep some romance in your evening sans a fancy restaurant or a big night out, read on for some great ideas.


Cook a meal together:

A great way to spend some time together is to cook something. You can choose a meal that is one you both really enjoy or try something new. Go shopping together and pick out some nice, fresh ingredients. Divvy up the tasks of preparing, chopping, and cooking so that you get to work together to create your special dinner.

If you're feeling adventurous you can even make a fancy dessert to accompany your dinner. If you aren't up for that, you can buy a Valentine's Day-themed dessert from your local bakery. You'll be supporting a local business and enjoying a divine dessert at the same time.

Plan a romantic movie night:

Nothing says romance like cuddling up on the couch, turning off the lights and watching a good movie together. It doesn't have to be a romantic movie, either. If rom-coms aren't your thing, no worries. Pick a genre you both enjoy. The movie isn't really the big point, the time together is the main event.

Jazz it up with some lovey-dovey snacks. Chocolates, conversation hearts, chocolate-covered fruit, or fancy popcorn can all be unique snacks to help make your Valentine's movie night different from a regular movie night.

Do a favorite activity together:

Do you both enjoy a similar hobby, craft, or game? Incorporate it into your special night! Maybe you're both into art or pottery. You can make a love-themed work of art together. Coffee mugs painted with your names and the date, maybe?

Are you both gamers? Maybe plan a night of trying out a new game together. Or maybe have a themed night and play all vintage video games. If you're not into video games, a good ole fashioned board game would also be a lot of fun. Sometimes a little friendly competition can be the basis for a super fun evening together.

Take it out (side):

Do you live somewhere that it isn't horribly cold? If the weather is nice, a night of stargazing would be a wonderfully romantic way to spend the night. Pack up a cooler with some wine (or your drink of choice), cheese, crackers, and chocolates, spread a thick blanket on the ground, and get cozy. You could use a hammock too if you've got one.

If it's going to be chilly bring a couple of extra blankets so you've got plenty to keep you warm. Curling up together and enjoying the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer sounds like the perfect way to spend some quality time with one another. You could even download and print out a star chart so you can find all the constellations. The winter sky is incredibly beautiful.

Ways to pull it all together:

So you have a plan now, but how to make it all fall into place? With some preparation, you'll be on your way to your romantic dream night in no time.

First, take your planning seriously. Don't treat it like just another night in the house otherwise, that's exactly what it'll become. Treat it with the same level of excitement you would a date night out. Shop ahead of time for anything you'll need to buy, and plan a time you'd like to get the evening started. Of course, you don't have to adhere to it perfectly, but having a plan will help you keep the evening on track.

If you do have kids at home, make sure you have a celebration planned for earlier in the day that includes them. Spend some time giving them gifts or making a craft together. Maybe have a special snack and give them a box of chocolates. That way they don't feel left out and understand that you'll be having a 'date night' that doesn't include them.


Just because the pandemic has seriously changed how we do things, it doesn't have to ruin your good time. There are plenty of ways to enjoy some quality time with the one you love that don't involve leaving home. What matters is the experience, not where it happens.

What do you have in mind for this Valentine's Day? How will you be making it special?

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