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Better Together- Sadie's Purpose and TBL

When I started The Butterbean Legacy a year ago (almost to the day), my goal was to help fund research for babies and children who suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC is a terrible disease that kills the intestines and leaves patients with little to no viable intestines. Without viable intestines, nutrient absorption cannot occur. For preemies, NEC is often fatal.

Our daughter, Sadie nearly lost her life to this disease when she was just two weeks old. She fought hard for a long time, but ultimately we lost her when she was eleven months old. It all went back to complications from extreme prematurity and NEC.

While this is still important to me, I have since started Sadie's Purpose to help assist families with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). I believe that I can better help families and their babies by focusing my efforts on that. Babies in the NICU receive excellent care, but their families are sometimes forgotten.

Don't worry, The Butterbean Legacy isn't going anywhere! I've just decided to have TBL and Sadie's Purpose share a common mission- helping NICU families so that they can help their babies. I truly believe that both of my endeavors will be stronger together as one.


What's changing?

I recently added a shop page to The Butterbean Legacy site. This page will be updated regularly with unique, handmade merchandise. All of these products are lovingly made by myself or my daughter Kenzie. She's very talented in many areas and she loves to share her talents with others.

Are you wondering what we might sell? All kinds of great things! You can expect a wide array of high-quality items including:

  • Hand crocheted items- dolls, coasters, dishcloths, and more

  • 100% natural beeswax candles

  • Beautiful home decor items- wall decor, table runners/rugs, and more

  • Hand-crafted, all-natural bar soap

  • Small hand-sewn items- throw pillows, baby blankets, lap blankets, and more

All items will be added as they are completed and ready to sell. Since all of our items are unique there will not be a standing inventory. When you see one you just love, act quickly! As soon as an item is sold, it will be marked out of stock and removed from our site. You'll want to check back often as we plan to add new items regularly.

What's the best part? Five dollars from the sale of every single item goes directly to Sadie's Purpose to help our families of NICU babies. What can just five dollars buy for our families? It can buy five sticks of deodorant or five bottles of shampoo. It can also purchase five books or small toys for siblings of NICU babies. Together, we can make a difference!


Thank you for almost a full year of loyal support of The Butterbean Legacy. I appreciate each and every one of you! I am looking forward to this new adventure and helping families through TBL and Sadie's Purpose. I am happy you're a part of this journey!

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